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Today I call myself a coach. I am also a student, finishing up a Master’s Degree in Social Work at Western Carolina University. I am also a solopreneur and entrepreneur; I have worked for myself for 30 years now. I am a mother, grandmother and tree-hugger. I can build a house, cover the bed with a handmade quilt, serve a healthy 5-course meal and then clean up and wash the dishes. I have many and varied skills. I started life early. I had a child to care for at age 15 and my own home at age 16. Necessity has been a great teacher in my life.

In January of 2009, I decided to return to school, while supporting myself working part-time cleaning small businesses and residential homes. A business I had ran for 8 years in two different states. I started Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College with a GED, I had earned about 12 years earlier. As of today, I have been in college for seven and a-half-years, with only 3 semesters to go. I have a dream to serve others, to pay-it-forward, in gratitude for those who have helped me along the way.

I have always picked myself back up and along the way I learned how to ask for help and even accept it. I am still working on saying “No” more often, and “Yes!” to those things that can assist along the way. I have had to learn how to have gratitude, how to express gratitude and how to receive gratitude. I am learning the difference between humiliation and being humble.

During an earlier time of self-development and personal growth, I attended many workshops with a particular group called Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. I call this my Tribe time and many of the workshops were interwoven with indigenous ceremonies. These ceremonies are embedded in my being. I did this this while raising my daughter and running a small business.

I have graduated from or been certified in many things, each one leading me forward and simultaneously lighting my way to living my dream! When I graduated from truck driving school, I was not dreaming of becoming a Small Business Start-up and Life Coach. No, I was dreaming of the open road with my partner, in an 18-Wheeler, with one or two trailers and no time clock to punch. When I opened my first Tattoo Studio, I did not know that I would have 5 of them. When my grandson was born, I did not know that I would start a green cleaning company because I wanted to keep him safe from cleaning chemicals. This was before “Green” became such a thing!

I did not know that living in these Blue Ridge Mountains would lead me back to school. These mountains have held me while I grieved and have celebrated with me on the great days! These Mountains have introduced me to my helpers, to my cheerleading squad and the strongest support team I have ever had!

I firmly believe in having a support team, those individuals willing to help you pick yourself back-up when you fall, crash, get stuck, or just frustrated with life. Not fixers, but helpers! Having cheerleaders to celebrate with upon completion of anything is grand, even when you fall flat on your face. It is nice to know that even if I mess up badly, not a one of them would shake a finger at me. They might ask a question or two about how I could have done it differently, making room for even more personal growth.

So why am I telling all this? Because who I am, becomes who are we working together. What do I want, becomes what do we want to accomplish together. How do I get there, becomes how do we get there together. I am here to offer you support coaching in the areas of:

  • Starting a new, small business
  • Administering and growing your small business
  • Life – in all its aspects
  • Building, remodeling, or creating a Tiny House Life
  • Getting you organized and focused to do all of the above

The skills I use today, I’ve mainly learned before and during adolescence. In lieu of sports, I attended 4H meetings after school with other young women, ages 8-12, to learn sewing, knitting and cooking. Partly I was there because my mom needed somewhere to park me, while my younger brother was at Rocket Football practice. (So, let’s domesticate the older girl child.) I rode a mini-bike, I could do anything a boy could. I showed them! I took a wood-shop class in junior high school. From there, I built and honed those early skills that became money-making skills throughout my life.

I am a chef and I love cooking food from other countries.

I am a quilt and pattern maker and a designer of outer wear clothing.

I make all my own cleaning supplies from all-natural products that are found in most kitchens.

I draw, paint and my favorite art form is collage work. Oh Yeah!! I love coloring books TOO!!

I am a retired tattoo artist.

I can paint a room, or the whole house. Change a light switch, hang a new ceiling fan, or build a wall and put a roof on a house.

Necessity has been my learning process.

  • I bring to coaching a new form of True Grit
  • A Get-er’-Done attitude
  • What would you like to get done?

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Tara Dawn

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I have been starting and running small businesses for 30 years. At one time I had 4 studios in two different states, with 3-5 employees each. Currently, I am a Solopreneur, while finishing up graduate school. I hold a B.A. in Psychology and I am a certified coach.   Learn more

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